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The history of GALERI Yunak has evolved from four generations of the Elalan Family with the support of the Urgüp community in Cappadocia.


What does “Galeri Yunak” mean ?

Galeri : An open place to come and view treasures at your leisure.

Yunak :. This is the name of the neighborhood where the rug store is located.


Halil Elalan and his son Selim Nicolas are the current families members who are operating the business, still with the support of local Urgüp community.


Halil’s grandfather was the founder of the business in 1920, and had an active interest in the business until he passed away in 1936, at this the time the business responsibility was handed down to his two sons, one of which was Halil’s father. Halil’s father was responsible for the creating of the dyes that colored the wool to make the local area carpets.

Halil’s uncle was responsible for the creation of the carpet designs.

Together they developed the business. The business became renown and many Turkish people would place orders for carpets of specific color, size and design. There was no tourism (Export) industry at this time.


Between 1940 an 1970 the Elalan Family managed a large carpet workshop with a workforce of 200 local women who produced the carpets. There was no electricity in 1940-45 and light was provided by gas. The women would take the workshop lanterns home for use in the evenings.  


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